20 Dec NHTSA’s proposal to amend FMVSS. No. to include the latest requirements in the SAE brake hose standards for hydraulic, vacuum, and. 10 Apr FMVSS specifies labeling and performance requirements for motor vehicle brake hose, brake hose assemblies, and brake hose end. With the launch of air brake hose and 25 series crimp fittings it is important to understand the Department of Transportation (DOT) regulation FMVSS

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The movable end has a linear travel of 6 inches and a cycle rate of cycles per minute. Title 42 – Public Health. The inside of the container lower attachment point and upper fmmvss point of the machine have provisions to quickly attach a brake hose assembly for tensile testing. Place the tubing in the water and position it so that it does not touch the container.

A holding device consisting of two vertical pins affixed to a flat, horizontal plate. Continue the cycling for 48 hours. Immerse an air brake hose in a 50 percent zinc chloride aqueous solution at room temperature for hours.

Parts – Use adapters to mount hose assemblies equipped with angled end fittings so that the hose is in a straight position when fmvs on the machine.

49 CFR 571.106 – Standard No. 106; Brake hoses.

Plastic air vmvss tubing shall not rupture when subjected to the burst strength pressure in Table VIII for the size of tubing being tested. The designation may consist of block capital letters, numerals or a symbol.

The lower attachment point of the machine is equipped with a heated, open-top container that is water tight. Each vacuum brake hose assembly or appropriate part thereof shall be capable of meeting any of the requirements set forth under this heading, when tested under the conditions of S13 and the applicable procedures of S Download This section of the CFR has been printed across multiple volumes.

All sizes can be assembled using permanently-attached crimped end fittings. Rupture means any failure that results in separation of a brake hose from its end fitting or in leakage.


The machine shall be equipped with fluorescent UVA light bulbs and automatic irradiance control. Title 39 – Postal Service.

Title 3 – The President. A vacuum brake hose tested under the fmvxs specified in S A plastic air brake tubing assembly when subjected to a tensile pull test shall either elongate 50 percent or withstand the conditioned tensile load in Table VIII without separation from its end fittings after the assembly has been subjected to four cycles of conditioning in air at minus 40 degrees Fmvs minus 40 degrees Celsius for thirty minutes, normalizing at room temperature, conditioning in boiling water for 15 minutes, and normalizing at room temperature.

Title 16 – Commercial Practices. Fill fmgss container with distilled water such that the lower 4 inches of exposed tubing will be submerged when the brake tubing assembly is installed on the machine. They do not represent conversions. Utilize a test apparatus shown in Figure 3 which is constructed so that: The machine’s compressed air supply system includes a pressure gauge or monitoring system and an air fmcss meter. Condition the tubing in an air oven at degrees Fahrenheit degrees Celsius for 72 hours.

InterRegs: 49 CFR Part (FMVSS ) | US – Federal

Subscribe here to the 4ward Testing newsletter to receive news, details of our 160 solutions and special offers. Prepare an air brake tubing assembly with a free length of 6 inches six cmvss of exposed tubing between the end fittingswith the end fittings installed in accordance with the end fitting manufacturer’s instructions.

Except for brake hose assemblies designed for use with mineral or petroleum-based brake fluids, a hydraulic brake hose assembly shall meet the constriction requirement of S5. Stop the flex testing and pressure cycling after one million flex cycles have been completed. Remove the holding device and 1006 and allow to cool at room temperature for thirty minutes.

Boil the tubing for two hours. Title 8 – Aliens and Nationality. Part – Reserved. A hydraulic brake hose assembly shall withstand a pull of pounds without fmfss of the hose from its end fittings during a slow pull test, and shall withstand a pull of pounds without separation of the hose from its end fittings during a fast pull fmvzs S6.


It is not guaranteed to be accurate or up-to-date, though we do refresh the database weekly. All permanently-attached end fittings are cut away from the hose. The machine shall be capable of increasing the pressure in the hose from zero psi to psi, and decreasing the pressure in the hose from psi to zero psi, within 2 seconds.

Subject the tubing assembly to four complete cycles of the following sequence:. Brake hose end fitting means a coupler, other than a clamp, designed for attachment to the end of a brake hose. Each air brake hose assembly or appropriate part thereof shall be capable of meeting any of the requirements set forth under this heading, when tested under the conditions of S13 and the applicable procedures of S8.

Title 26 – Internal Revenue. Conduct the test specified in S6. Perform the constriction test in S6.

SAE J FMVSS – VH | Continental ContiTech

Pressurize the tubing at a rate of 3, psi per minute to a pressure of psi. Aftercyclesset the temperature of the environmental chamber to minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit minus 40 degrees Celsius. This section of the CFR has been printed across multiple volumes. Attach one end of the assembly to the hydraulic pressure supply and plug fmbss other end of the assembly, fill the assembly with Fkvss IRM oil and bleed any air from the assembly, and place the tubing assembly inside an environmental chamber.

Apply water pressure in the hose of psi within 10 seconds. Title 32 – National Defense. FDsys Tutorials and Webinars. Conduct the burst strength test in S6. Test procedures – Plastic air brake tubing, plastic air brake tubing assemblies, plastic air brake tubing end fittings.

Over 19 to 24, inclusive. Test procedures – Air brake hose, fmvsa hose assemblies, and brake hose end fittings. Attach the other end of the hose to the fixed attachment point allowing the hose to follow its natural curvature.